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New Student Information

Ladies Night Out parties

LNO parties are hosted by Polesque Fitness and will be offered in Vegas Stiletto Fitness, Burlesque Strut, and Polesque. A little less fitness (trust me you will still get a work-out dancing is hard work!) with a little more fun thrown in. Socializing, some healthy food to nosh on and a lot of dancing! Each party will have its own theme so check the website and facebook page for this month’s offering. Once you come to one you won’t want to miss any of them!

Private Parties

Poleseque offers the following private parties. Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Contact us with your ideas and we will see what we can put together for you. 

One hour mini party- more like a class but just for you and your friends. Limited to 8 people for VSF, Burlesque Strut or Sexy Chair. Limited to 4 for pole or polesque)

90 minute basic party:  Start with some socializing, some healthy snacks (and a bit of chocolate too) and refreshments. Limited to 12 for "dance" parties 8 for pole or polesque. Pictures and video at the end of the party of your group performing the routine they learn.

2 hour party - Start off with some socializing, some healthy snacks, and refreshments before and in the middle of the party. Pictures and Video of your group performing the routine.  Limited to 16 for dance classes and 12 for pole or polesque. ​


Vegas Stiletto Parties:

These parties are centered around learning one of our Vegas Stiletto routines. These routines are fun and sexy and will leave you and your guests feeling like you are Vegas Showgirls! These routines are choreographed to be adaptable for anyone even if you have never danced before. 

Burlesque Strut parties:

Shimmy shimmy strut strut…..and a whole lot more! Learn a fun burlesque style dance with lots of bumps, grinds, shimmy’s, and struts! The feathers and glitter will fly during this routine. We can customize the party to a faster paced song or slower and more sultry depending on the mood you want to set for the party. Burlesque style dress encouraged, here is the place to wear your corset, fishnets and long gloves! 

Polesque parties:

Our signature combo of pole and burlesque! Like in our Burlesque Strut party the emphasis will be on burlesque but for this party you will have a partner Mr. Pole! We will create a sexy dance using shimmy’s, struts and some pretty fun and easy turns around the pole. Burlesque style dress is also encouraged for this party.

Pole parties:

For our pole parties its all about the pole and fun! You and your friends will learn some fun sexy pole moves and how to put them together into a short routine.

Other party information:

If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for please give us a call we can customize something for you.

Pole dancing (either polesque or regular pole) can leave bruises on skin not used to coming in contact with a hard metal pole. We do very easy moves for our parties to maximize fun and limit bruising however if you have an event coming up that you would mind having bruises on your ankles you would be better off with Burlesque Strut or Vegas Stiletto Fitness party.

Interested in learning about great skin and health care products that are natural and made in the USA? Add an Arbonne party to your regular party at no additional cost.