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New Student Information

Vegas Stiletto Fitness Classes 

​Maria is the first (and only at this time) Certified instructor in Kentucky for Lisa Valdes's Vegas Stiletto Fitness  program. This is a sexy fun class with Vegas show girl moves and style.  You will get a workout while having fun learning a routine at the same time.  Attire for class is yoga pants or leggings, T shirt or tank and shoes of your choice. While it’s called "stiletto" fitness stilettos are not required, it’s more the attitude!

Burlesque Strut ™ 

Come learn a fun Burlesque style routine with some shimmy's, bumps and of course grinds! We will use boa's and above the elbow gloves to add some excitement to our routine. Some of the routines will involve the chair others will be more chorus line based. The music while not all of it old, will be older style that will inspire those hips to bump and grind and those shoulders to shimmy! Attire for this class is tank or tee with leggings, capri's or yoga pants. If you have your own boa and elbow length gloves please bring them as well, we do have some here at the studio to use for those that do not have their own. Heels optional.    

Sexy Chair

While its called sexy chair we won't only be using the chair in this class! Walls, floor, and chair will be our playthings as we learn hot routines to even hotter music. The focus of this class is dancing for the invisible person in the chair, whomever your fantasy person is! Attire is t-shirt or tank with leggings, capri's, or yoga pants. As with our other classes heels are optional. 

Stiletto Starter™

Do you feel like Bambi on the ice when you strap on a pair of heels? Learn to leap like a graceful doe! This class will go over different types of heels and why some might be better suited to your walking style then others. Bring a pair of heels (or several!) because after a warm up we will strap a pair on and practice some sexy walks and struts. 

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing is a great muscle builder and provides a cardio workout and is fun, sexy, and empowering! Our pole classes start with our beginner series of 4 classes which will give you a nice solid base of both floor and pole moves. From there the classes  are multi-level for beginners through intermediate students. Multi-level classes allow for scheduling flexibility for the student. Men are welcome to see what it is all about in our mixed gender classes or we can form a men's only class with a minimum of 4.  We are not offering Advanced classes at this time. 

Beginner Series

This series of 4 classes will get you started by learning some sexy floor work, some basic spins, poses, and strength building exercises. You will build a nice solid base of moves that you will continue to use in our multi-level classes . We add on to the moves you have learned each week while reviewing those you learned previously, this gives you a chance to polish and perfect moves. You will learn how to combine movements and make them flow from one to another, and how music selection will effect the moves and flow.  Starting with class 2 students will also have time at the end of class to play with what they have learned by free dancing to a song or two! 

Pole Classes

These classes are mixed levels with variations on moves given for students of different levels.  You must complete the beginner series join these classes. If you were a student in 2012 and did at least one session you are eligible for these classes. 

Drop-in Pole Classes 

Our drop-in classes are perfect for those that want more pole time and want to play with different music and dance styles, drop in classes will have theme's based on type of "tricks",  music, or clothing choices. You must have at least completed the Beginner's series to come to drop in classes. If you were a student in 2012 and completed at least one session you are eligible for these classes. 


Polesque combines pole and burlesque! Learn the art of how to tease while making use of a metal dance partner Mr. Pole.

Open Pole

Non-instructed pole time for current students to get some practice time. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for $40 per hour, or a package of 4 for $140.00. Subject to schedule availability.